Helloooo, Sparklers!

Hello, Sparklers! So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It was actually one of the reasons I started Little Sparkles in the first place. I wanted to take some time to sit down with some of the incredible women in ministry I have had the pleasure of knowing throughout my life and ask them to share their hearts with you. Whether you have been in ministry for years, are just starting out, or aren’t sure exactly what, where, why, or even who you are, I believe this series will be of great value to you. It’s a chance to sit down with some inspirational women and have them pour from their own lives into you. I am so excited about this series, and I’m even more excited to kick it off with one of my personal heroes, the incomparable Vonda Guidry! 

It's a Vond-er-ful Life! (It really is, I promise! She literally wrote the book on it.)

So let’s kick things off with an introduction to our special guest. She comes to us with a rooster cup (a gift from her sister Ethylene) and candy corn in hand (although I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need any more sugar today!!). 

Vonda is a missionary to Colombia, currently, but she has also served in Spain and Mexico. She is also an international speaker, who works primarily with women’s ministry (although she’ll give anything a try — just don’t ask her to sing special songs! She’ll give you “the face!”). Her style is absolutely one-of-a-kind. In her words, “I just didn’t want to be boring!” (Trust me — she isn’t!) She has also written two books, one about her adventures on the mission field and another about El Cid the Missionary Dog, their beloved chihuahua who kept them company in Spain. 

Vonda serves in Colombia with her husband, Rev. John Guidry (a pretty awesome preacher and overall minister himself). They base out of the capital city of Bogota and live with their two oh-so-spoiled chihuahuas, Chewy and Princess Leia, who feature prominently their social media posts. Their two adult children, Phillip and Amanda, son-in-law Kale, three grandpuppies (Yoda, PJ, Vader), and grandkitty (Sage) live (and duel with their light sabers) in the great state of Tennessee. 

The Guidrys have served in ministry throughout their lives. After meeting at Texas Bible College, they served as assistant pastors in Raymondville, Texas (at my current church! Yay!), pastors in Alice, Texas, church planters/Associates in Missions in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, church planters/missionaries in Spain, and finally missionaries in Colombia, where they visit, train, equip, and encourage the 700+ churches in the nation. They have experienced joys and hardships, and Vonda shares her heart (and even offers to share her precious candy corn) with us today as she discusses seasons of ministry, staying faithful through trials and triumphs, and the many faces of missionary work. 

Books by John and Vonda Guidry

The Guidrys’ books are not available for purchase through online retailers at the moment, but they would love for you to email them to request a copy of any (or all!) of their work. They have some incredible stories to tell!

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Until Next Time, Sparkle On!

As you can imagine, I had a fabulous time hanging out with Vonda. For those who may not know, she also happens to be my aunt, so I’m a bit biased about her! She could tell you sooooo many stories about me as a kid but, thankfully, she didn’t (I promise — I didn’t just edit them out)! Two of the things that touched me most in this interview were her thoughts on seasons of ministry and on forgiveness. Forgiveness is my focus word for the year, and so I’m always curious to know what the women I look up to have to say on the topic (I’ll let you watch the video to find out!). 

Her life has also been defined by several seasons of ministry, which is such a blessing for me to think about. Sometimes we think the area God has called us to is the one where we’ll stay forever, but He makes plans for all of the seasons of our lives. I also love this idea because it means there will never be a time in my life where He does not have a purpose for me. I will never have to worry about being too old, too young, too bubbly, too serious, too, well, whatever, to have a place and purpose in His kingdom. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! We’ll be talking about some principles of servant leadership next time, and I cannot wait to get into that topic. For the Spanish speakers among us, I will be interviewing Lucy Castiblanco, an awesome pastor’s wife and speaker, for the next Real Talk Interview. 

Until next time, stay fabulous and sparkle on!

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